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We work with the industry’s top manufacturers to provide our clients with a wide array of products. All our products are made with high quality materials and were engineered to be low to no maintenance. We guarantee that our products will look and perform well for years to come with our industry leading warranty protection. We carry a full line of Aluminum, UPVC, Vinyl,Wood and Alu-Clad products designed to meet stringent requirements.


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SUNRISE  Windows / USA

DAKO Windows / Poland / Europe

JELOVICA Windows / Slovenia / Europe

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Aluminum Windows

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)


Wood Windows

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

Alu-Clad Windows

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

PVC  Windows

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

Vinyl Windows

 (Double Hung, Picture, Sliding,,,,,)

Aluminum Windows

(Double Hung, Picture, Sliding,,,,,)

Sound-Proof Windows

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

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Store Fronts 

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

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Folding Doors 

(Available in Aluminium )

Lift & Sliding Doors

(Available in Aluminium,Pvc,Wood & Alu-Clad)

Passive Entry Doors

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

Wood Entry Doors 

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

Aluminium Entry Doors

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

PVC Entry Doors

(European Window Style/ Tilt & Turn)

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Wood-Aluminium/ Alu-Clad


Wood-aluminum windows  have the best thermal insulation, because they have highly insulating frame and triple glazing ensure energy efficiency and healthy climate, because wood is an excellent insulator with a positive impact on well-being and healthy climate. The aluminum mask on the outer side gives the window a modern look, and at the same time offers protection from the negative influences of the weather. Wood-Aluminum windows  achieve excellent thermal insulation values, they are durable and look modern.

Aluminum Windows

Light yet strong. They are a long-lasting, cost-effective choice with very low maintenance, no rotting or warping and are rated energy efficient.

Available in a choice of frame RAL colors you'll be able to select one that suits your home and style perfectly. Aluminum is also a sustainable resource - 100% can be recycled after its use.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are the best choice for those who trust wood and wish to have modern wooden windows installed in their homes in order to reduce energy consumption.

They are suitable for newly built and renovated buildings alike

The Windows are made of longitudinally jointed spruce & Oak

timber. These are high quality windows at an attractive price.

UPVC Windows & Vinyl
Easy-care materials, variable design and outstanding thermal insulation.

Whether your constructing a new home, remodeling an existing building or optimizing the energy performance of your house – U-PVC/Vinyl are the perfect window system for your project.



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